Seeing The Light

I have a simple and clear desire, it’s a desire shared by millions, and I would bet it is a desire also shared by you. My desire is to have a family. This is fundamental to human existence. I have found the man I love, we have been together for 5 years… we have built a home together. I have had to overcome significant personal turmoil to get here, and now that I am here I find the way blocked. This “stonewall” is built of the prejudice and ignorance of others. I am so proud of New Jersey and what they have overcome to legalize equal marriage rights. Governor Chris Christy was trying to build a case against the new law, saying that the people of New Jersey needed to vote on the rights of gay people to marry. This statement sums up what is wrong with the oposistion. This is not an issue to be voted on by others. I am an American, I pay my taxes, I am an upstanding member of society. Why should my rights be put to vote when my neighbors rights (who pays the same amount of taxes as I)  are inalienable. Why is there a double standard? Governor Christy has discovered he does not have a leg to stand on and admitted defeat.  Our attention is now turned to Hawaii, they are voting on overturning a law thats soul purpose is to outlawing gay marriage. For this to happen they need to have a majority of at least 26 and we are at 27 now. The LDS church has also thrown its had into the ring, with a letter to all the Hawaii ward Bishops to be read over the pulpit encouraging members to stand up for “traditional marriage” and to get involved. This letter dashed any thought of the church softening its destructive stance towards the LGBT community. The measure will pass and gay marriage will be had in Hawaii by the end of next month. This wall is slowly breaking down and the light has begun to show through… and wouldn’t you know it, its a rainbow.