I Like You A Little, A Lot

Trent and I are on our forth year of being together. We met, very unromantically, at a bar. We exchanged numbers and nothing happened for several weeks. after a random text we started dating and everything happened really quickly after that. We began spending everyday together. Our thing was to get a frozen pizza, a brownie mix and a movie. We came home from the store one day Trent sat on counter as I made the brownies and he looked at me (Trent has a look he gets when he is about to say something important) with his eyebrowns furrowed and said ” do you like me? because I like you a little, a lot.” I laughed… maybe I shouldn’t have but he looked so cute and clueless at that moment. The truth was I did like him very much. I told him i liked him a little, alot too… and thus our very elequant relationship began. How could i have known that he was the one i had been waiting for. he was the one that could and would make my life complete. We have been through thick and sometimes very thin… Health and sickness, poor and poorer, happy and devistatingly sad. We have met adversity standing side by side. He makes me the man I am meant to be. Four years has felt like a second and a million centuries at the same time.

I write this entry so that you may see how much this man means to me. I never thought it possible for one person to love another this much. If you are married or have ever loved someone you know the feeling I discribe. Does this man not deserve the title of husband, because what other title can explain what he means to me. It is far beyond boyfriend and when I say partner I feel like I’m introducing a business partner. No the only title that can truely encompass what he means to me is husband. It is not a desire to “deminish” or “defile” the meaning of marriage, it is to uphold and honor it. It is the desire to proclaim to the world that you are a family, and that your love is real, deep, and devoted.

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