Perfection… One short, well know, and unattainable word. We, as humans, desire to achieve this in every aspect of our lives, and unavoidably fall short. The truth of the matter is “Perfection” at least the way we think about it is unattainable. So if we can’t be perfect we hope to project perfection. Put on a facade of unblemished, serene perfection. As gay people we do not fit within the brackets of acceptable or normal perfection. We basically carry a sign over our head that says “We Are Not Perfect” and for the most part we don’t care. If you are not being honest and true with yourself then who are you being honest and true too? When we are finally able to face this truth about ourselves the obligatory facade crumbles and you are left standing naked for the world to see. ¬†Your flaws (as some would see them) are left uncovered and stinging in the the open air. Though painful and scary this experience is also empowering. The feeling of throwing off the burden of fitting in and being who you are is indescribable. This is an experience every gay person has been through. There is an unspoken bond between us, this bond is understanding. We try to help and support one another. This unspoken bond is what makes us a community. However this pain and fear of the braking the “Perfect” projection is not limited to the gay community. It is part of the human experience. If you have eyes to read this or ears to hear it then you too have felt this pain and fear. Fear of not fitting in, the pain of rejection. I may not know or be able to understand your particular battle, but are we not obligated to help one another, to respect one another, and to “love one another?” I have learned to accept others for who they are. How can I judge someone when I am dragging my own (very stylish) baggage? How can you judge me (with my very public baggage) when you yourself are struggling to hide yours. Rather then judging others imperfections, lets stand join arms are move forward supporting one another, and maybe if we work together, we can pull all this freaking baggage across the finish line.

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