Beginning the Journey

My journey.

There was a day not long ago when I was woken up by odd noises coming from the other room. I looked and saw Trent wasn’t beside me. I got up and walked into the living room. I looked through the darkness and saw a curled up figure on the couch. I walked over and put my arm around trent. He looked up at me with all the pain in the world in his eyes and said “I just can’t do this anymore.” Gay marriage had just been overturned again in California. I understood his feelings. It is hard going through life as a novelty or a subject of judgement. At times the inequality of live seems too overwhelming, a fight that is too big. At times you can lose faith in the human race, and their ability to embrace you. I sat on the couch holding trent as the tears flowed from our eyes.

The hard days come and go, but most days we are the perfectly normal family. We go to work, and school, we pay our bills (and stress about our bills) and take one day at a time. The only time we feel different at all is when someone points it out. It is the beginning of one of those very normal weeks when I heard the Supreme court would be hearing the case against prop. 8, and DOMA. I feel such a fire of hope that i cant keep in inside any longer, I must write about it.

This year for the Gay Community is one of excitement, hope, and change. This blog will chart the upcoming months and our emotions as a gay couple waiting for the right to marry .

One thought on “Beginning the Journey

  1. Matt,
    Thanks for telling me about your blog. This is a cause that affects all of us. You and Trent are wonderful people and deserve nothing sort of equal rights.
    This is one happy proud mother of a son who happens to be gay. Wouldn’t change it if I could. I love him for who he is:)

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