The Contract

I came home from work today to find my dog Josh chewing on a piece of paper on the bed. I tried taking it from him so I could see what it was, and after a drool drenched tug-of-war I finally wrestled it out of his jaws (just an FYI Josh is a ten pound Dachshund not a three hundred pound monster) I opened the once neatly folded paper to find a letter from the man I love. This surprised me because as much as I love writing trent hates it, so him writing anything to me proves he loves me.

It starts out “My partner, my best friend.” This letter means so much to me I will keep the majority of it to myself, but the closing line “Please know that you, and only you, are what I think of when I think of happiness, think of forever, think of love.” I sit here and wonder where was I before I met Trent? He is my light, my life, and my joy.

I think back a few years to our first Valentines day together. We were very poor, yet happy.  I had been thinking long and deep about how to take things to the next level. Had we been a straight couple I would have asked him to marry me, but obviously that was not an option. So I had to get creative, think outside of the box. I sat down at my computer and compiled this contract.

This is a contract made of promises and statements which must be agreed to by both parties. This document holds it’s authority not by law but by heart. This contract is just a symbol of things much deeper, feelings and devotion that can not be expressed though words. It has been drafted because of the nature of the world, unable to understand or accept a different form of love.


  • I promise to be honest at all times
  • I promise to be true and devoted in all situations
  • I promise to tell you “I love you”everyday
  • I will respect and honor you
  • I will keep open communication
  • I will help you achieve your goals
  • We will work together to make a positive impact on this world.
  • I will be your strength when you need me to be.
  • I will take care of you always
  • I will love you forever

By signing this document I  commit to you my whole heart, mind and soul.

We both signed, and have lived true to this contract ever since. I hope someday the law can recognize our union, but honestly even without that we are bound together by something far greater then law.

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