Time to clean House

I know i haven’t posted in a while, I have been working on a project (details to come) and haven’t had a ton of time to post. I can’t let this incredible failure on the part of state government pass without saying something. I was very sad to hear that the state anti-discrimination bill will not be heard this year. What saddens me even more is to hear the reasons why. People are stating that it infringes on their religious values, and personal opinions on the mater. I’m sorry but when did we start passing legislation based on religious values. I’m sorry that your values include discrimination and hate. I’m sorry that i want the right to not be fired based purely on my sexual preference. Sometimes I wish i could put these small minded “representatives” in my shoes for a day. Let them see through my eyes, let them here their own hateful words through my ears. I promise you things would change so quickly. I look to countries like Ecuador where a man was stripped on his political rights for gay slurs during a campaign rally. They know that saying these mean hateful things are wrong, so why don’t our “representatives” understand that when referring to homosexuality as a perversion and unnatural they are speaking about (literally) tens of thousands of people in this state and that it’s wrong. How can you justify keeping such a large part of your populations without protection just because you think they are wrong on a religious level. I am ashamed of you UT state Legislature.

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