Waking the Giant

I was sent an email from a close friend of mine today that made me think. She told me about her dad he called her and was terribly offended because of a picture she posted on Facebook. The picture was in support of equal rights in marriage. She informed her dad that she would not be taking it down and she did not appreciate his reaction. He asked her why she was taking such a stance on something that does not affect her, she is not gay, her kids aren’t either, so why? She replied that this does affect her family. This matter will shape the future of her children, it will teach them not to judge and to always treat others with respect. By taking this stand she as put into motion a change in her family. From her heart of gold who learned to except me and my family, has sprouted a massive movement in her own family. I wanted to say thank you to her. Thank you for your loving unjudgemental friendship.

As you know this is a very important week for the Equality movement. The supreme court will be hearing cases that will directly influence the future of my family and society in general. Trent and I believe that when we tell our children about this years from now that we need to be able to tell what part we played. We decided to a attend a protest at the capital. We got there and joined hundreds of other people, mostly dressed in red. We gathered in the basement of the capitol building, as our numbers swelled so did our emotions. Tears were on many faces. The focus of this protest was to peacefully make our presents known at another protest being held by the Osmond Family. As we moved as one body up those stairs surrounding the other protest, we moved in silence not needing to say a word as the meaning our gathering became clear. We stood as silent sentinels around the pocket of traditional supporters. As there program began they said the pledge of allegiance, the crowed was in shock as we joined our voices with theirs. As we closed with the word “Liberty and Justice for all” the feeling of injustice filled the room. Yes we are citizens of this great country too… Our rights were included in the battle for freedom, our ancestors blood was shed for us too. Our hands will cover our hearts as the Star Spangled Banner plays. So my question is why? Why would the Constitution of this great country not apply to us? Why are these rights only applicable to those who are straight? We stayed and respectfully listen to the unfounded and cruel words of these people. We sat and listened to them say we were not equal, that our lives are a perversion of love and by achieving equality we would destroy the family. We listened to them say that they had to protect the rights of their children. We waited and gave them their say, the closing prayer was offered. Then the chant began “Marriage Equality Now!” again and again, growing louder and louder, our voices joined as one. One who has been tread on for so long, one who is finally ready to take up his flag and fight. We came from all walks of life, gay, lesbian, straight, trans, bi, poor, rich, black, white and every other color of the rainbow. It was beautiful. ¬†We have been united, we will continue to speak as one. When the ruling of the supreme court comes through, we will shed tears together as one. We will stand as one and we will continue on until every one of us has equality! I want this for my neighbor, for my family, for my husband, for my children and for me. Today is a day that will rain down in history, the question is… Where you on the right side of it?

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  1. Oh Matt, I wish I could have been there. Thank you for painting an amazing and emotional picture for me. I look back on my life and realize I have never really took a stance for anything. Really I just went with the flow, never really having an opinion. I now know why Im a mom. I was ment to raise children with an open mind, to know what ever they want to do or be or love, I will be in their fighting corner.

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